Nurit Tishler

Director of Point of View, with more than 30 years of experience in the Israeli market.

Nurit offers consulting services in all areas of licensing, sales, marketing and promotion activities.

Is responsible for:

- Licensing and merchandising activities in Israel.

- Acquisition of new merchandising and broadcasting brands.

Asher Tishler

Professor of management and economics, is responsible for marketing strategy and finance of Point of View.

Professor Asher Tishler is the former president of the College of Management and the former dean of The Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University.

Roni Tishler Rozen

A designer and commercial artist, serves as Point of View’s designer and creative director.

Is responsible for:

- Point of View’s website & digital activities.

- Approval process, new concepts, and trade shows.

Dani Tishler

Studying information systems. He is responsible for:

- Procedure and maintenance of Point of View's information system.

- Internet activities.